Local artists showcase their best works in exhibition – The Star, 29th March 2014

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ART LOVERS may want to grab the opportunity to experience contemporary art by local artists at Artcube gallery, The Intermark.

The second exhibition, which will go on until April 16, showcases artwork from several well-known local artists, including Suhaimi Fadzir, Husin Hourmain, Fadli Yusof, Ali Nurazmal, Tan Chin Kuan and Goh Chai Seng, some of whom have made a name for themselves here and internationally.

According to Artcube Gallery co-owner Azhar Ahmad, who is also an art dealer, fine art is becoming very popular these days and that every piece has a special meaning.

“This is one of the platforms for the artists to express themselves through their artworks,” Azhar said.

He also said that Artcube is the right place to lift the standard of contemporary art and artists.

“We have the artists but there is no platform for them to promote themselves. At Artcube, we promote their work and at the same time maintain the quality of the artwork itself,” he added.

For his work, international artist Suhaimi Fadzir, who has two studios in the United States and Malaysia, likes to use a triptych (a set of three paintings placed next to each other) and neon. His experimental medium have influence from both countries.

“An element of my artworks is love. For instance, Red Marilyn (JFK and Marilyn)is about the relationship between a leader and a citizen.

“The second piece is about the relationship between mother and son. In Red Horn (Kapuki and King), King is a baby rhino and Kapuki is the mother. One of Suhaimi’s works, Red Shoes (AFK and Zena) features the relationship between him and his first collector.

Suhaimi was also recently invited to the Dublin Biennale 2014, an international exhibition of contemporary art.

Contemporary calligraphy artist Husin Hourmain’s artworks sold like hot cakes during the first exhibition, and his work is brought back for this exhibition.

“I could say Malaysians are now at the stage where they really appreciate art,” Azhar explained.

The price of the artworks at this exhibition starts at RM5,000.

Artcube has a good reputation as a gallery that can identify, source and accurately value paintings.

They also help their clients acquire works of true value.

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