Remark is Artcube’s first show exclusively presenting emerging talents on Malaysia’s contemporary art scene. Featuring Azad Daniel, Anniketyni Madian, Al-Khuzairie Ali, Azrin Mohd, Daud Rahim and Dhavinder Singh, the show projects a snapshot of a new generation of talent and the exciting, inventive directions Malaysian art is moving towards.

Globally, contemporary art strives to match intellectualism with immaculate production. The mix of innovation and finesse exhibited by the six young artists in Remark is delightful to see. All subscribe faithfully to the formalistic tenants of fine art; yet have quickly found distinct signatures of their own. Azad Daniel is well known for his highly glossy finishes, derived from his inventive personal process of priming his unusual surfaces with cement, then painting with auto paint, propelling his art onto the next level of painterly works. Young ceramist Al-Khuzairie masters the delicately industrial medium of stoneware ceramics to speak about fragile relationships between humans and the environment.  Azrin Mohd is quickly emerging as a leading assemblage artist with his ability to craft highly specific large scale works, intricately detailed so as to tightly draw his viewers in. Anniketyni Madian contemporizes tradition with her precisely detailed wooden sculptures that flow in an organic manner as they narrate heritage to a new generation. Daud Rahim’s philosophical conversations, crucial to the intellectual developments in increasingly affluent societies, endear themselves to audiences an easy aesthetic that belie the difficulty of his explorations in working in a reverse technique. Dhavinder Singh, fresh from a well-received solo exhibit, develops the local minimal art movement with works that strive to present established concepts in original configurations.

Artcube demonstrates their commitment to promote and represent high-value, investment-grade Malaysian contemporary art at an international standard not only through the representation of established artists, but also by supporting emerging talents. The gallery understands the need to showcase not only paintings and sculptures but also artworks such as installations, assemblage and experimental mixed media due to their fundamental role in context of the contemporary art movement’s development.

Diverse in style and practice, the six artists Artcube brings together with Remark nonetheless have unifying threads binding them together. Each of the artists demonstrates an awareness of the landscapes surrounding them, be it physical, social or material, and strives to create discourse in an effort to engage the public in current affairs. Indeed, part of the fascination audiences will find in the works presented, lies in the topics of commercialism, fragility of survival, ethics and spirituality, all of which constitute issues a developing society like Malaysia faces while balancing cultural identity in an increasingly homogenous world. These artists command admiration for their honesty, reflecting onto viewers reality in raw, literal forms comprised of great beauty.

written by Zena Khan




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